Ahmed Tijani & Co.


The firm of professional accountants is a member of Institute of Chartered Accountants of Nigeria and an accredited member of the Corporate Affairs Commission, Abuja.  Our head office is located in Kano with branches in Abuja, Kaduna,  Katsina and Jigawa.  Each branch office provides a service that is responsive to its local environment.

Ahmed Tijjani and Company has provided auditing and consultancy services for years and has a considerable experience in the audit of companies, parastatals and government controlled companies. A selected number of organizations that have engaged our services are listed in Appendix I of this brochure.

The development of our professional practice have been carefully managed to ensure that standards are maintained in line with the institute’s regulations.  We recruit highly qualified staff and trainees and provide them with proper training that would ensure a thorough understanding of accounting, auditing and management consultancy.  This ensures the maintenance of high standards we have evolved over time.

The above are supported by a team of graduate accountants, semi qualified trainees and junior trainees. A summary of our staff strength is shown as Appendix III to this brochure.

Our staff has the capability and experience to render a wide range of services including Auditing. Accounting, Taxation, Secretarial and Management Consultancy Services.  The full and comprehensive range of services are listed in Appendix II to this schedule.  Our staff have built relationships of mutual confidence and respect with various organizations.

Our fees are directly related to the time required by our staff to complete an assignment. Hourly billing rates are established for all grades of staff and before we undertake any assignment we devote considerable effort to estimate the hours that will be involved.  This estimate is finalized after discussions with our client and at the conclusion of our work, the agreed fee would only be exceeded if unforeseen circumstances has significantly affected the scope of our work or the manner in which it has to be carried out.  We would inform the management of the organization of such circumstances as soon as we become aware of them.

We also devote considerable effort to control the time on an assignment subject to the need to discharge our professional responsibilities. We believe, by experience, that controlling fees and rendering a high quality service are not mutually exclusive objectives.  We believe it is important to state that we generally have no difficulty in reaching mutually satisfactory agreements with our clients as to the charge for our services.  Our estimate of fees are accepted as combining maximum efficiency with highest quality of service.

It is our normal practice to request payments on account of our fees. Generally, we seek to recover the proportion of fees relating to time spent as our work progresses.  On an assignment of the size of your organization, we would wish to agree in advance a schedule of periodic progress payments commencing during the month when we first start our field-work.  After the conclusion of the field-work, a certain amount of time is spent finalizing the work preparatory to issuing an opinion on the accounts.  After issuing the accounts, our final fee is rendered from which is a deducting payments made on account.

Out-of-pocket expenses incurred by our staff traveling to client’s premises accommodation and living costs incurred during assignments are also recovered from the client.

Ahmed Tijjani & Company has organized itself to provide a quality service responsive to the local environment, through selective staff recruitment, internal quality control policies and continuous staff education.

Based on our belief that users of accounts in Nigeria expect that accounts are prepared on the basis of generally accepted accounting principles, we apply criteria in carrying out our professional services to ensure these expectations are met.

Our audit approach, with emphasis on planning and evaluation of internal control is closely related to the situation of the client and is totally committed to service to the client.

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