Business ScaleUP Programme


About the Programme.

This is a Programme created by E-MySystems ICT Solution with the aim to support Small & Medium Enterprises with Cooperate Registration and modern Internet/Social media presence respectively, which will help a business or company to stand out from their competitors, make more sales, and a chance to benefit the International Supports & Federal Government loans, which includes AGEIMIS, SMEDAN, Survival Funds, GTBank Grants, and so much more.

Furthermore, having a website through this program will help a Business/Company has a web presence where whoever searches for related content/services the particular business will appear, which is what we call Local Search Engine Optimization.

The program fee is cheap yet affordable, at the same time we try to make it more flexible by having an Installment payment method, where businesses can pay instrumentally.

Other benefits include:

  • You will have the required papers/documents for the Federal government loan application processes & even the International Grants.
  • You don’t have to stress yourself having all these documents, you will just focus on your business, and we will do all the back-and-forth for you.
  • Your business/company will have a credible presence on the internet & social media where people can get to know more about your Business easily anytime, from anywhere in the world.
  • Having these documents for your Business will assure you Lifetime ownership and control of your business. As nobody will claim your business name or something related to that.

If you found the program interested, please fill the above form and call our customer care representative here at 084 555 406 or talk to us on WhatsApp. Our customer care representatives are more than excited to talk to you.