Website Development cost in Nigeria

How much does cost to build a website? This is one of the frequent questions business owners asked when thinking of designing a website for theirs. But unfortunately, there is no price tag for designing/developing a website, rather the cost of building a website is based on the purpose and functionality of the website. We normally respond to this question by giving a price range, let’s say from N100,000 to N300,000.

To determine the cost of designing a website for our clients, we usually ask questions like Who are your target customers? Who are your competitors? What’s your budget for this project? What Impact do you want the website to have on your business? And so on.

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A great website is not built at once, is a continuous process; there always a need for improvement. So we advise business owners and CEOs to start with a few pages or products and improve in the long run.

Oftentimes, the client does say something like: I want a website to look exactly like Website A or Website B, while website A & B has existed for over 5 years. It doesn’t work like that. Just as Rome wasn’t built in a day, the same goes for website design. You need to have all the pages or products at once, but you just have to start as soon as possible.

In short, the cost of building a website can be determined majorly by the following factors:
  • Domain name extension (.com, .ng, ,net, .org, etc.)

  • Hosting Package Specs. (Windows, Linux, Dedicated)

  • Theme Design & Customization

  • Technical Features 

  • Ongoing Maintenance & update

When thinking of building a website for your brand or business, the following points should be considered;

Do you want a Custom Website (Code from Scratch)?

Well, only experienced programmers can design and manage this type of website.

Do you want to use CMS or Online Website Builders?

These types of websites are easy to Manage, & less time-consuming. (WordPress, Wix, etc)

What specific features do you want to see on the website?

How many features do you need on the website NOW & LATER to improve scalability?

How do you plan to maintain the Website forever?

Most people don’t know that their Website is the same as their Physical Business offices.

Types of Websites & their Prices

The price is not always the issue, but building a Project that adds value to your business and satisfies your customers need.


A StartUP Website Plan is for small businesses. It tends to be simple and has a limited number of 1-6 pages only.

N100k – N200k

  • 1 year Domain & Hosting

  • Basic Pages (Max 6)

  • Basic SEO Implementation

  • Free Template

  • Project Documentation


This is for an established brand on the Internet. It should speak for the brand. It might be a little complex, with an estimate of  1-20 pages.

N200k – N1m

  • All StartUP Package

  • Premium Template

  • Up to 5 Landing Pages

  • Google Map API

  • Social Media Integration

  • Gift: Branded Wall-clock


E-Commerce has a list of products and their prices, as well payment options for customers to pay from. People can easily buy products and services at their comfort.  

N200k – N2m

  • All Corporate Package

  • Payments Integration

  • Product variation feature

  • Invoicing System

  • Security Firewall

Need to know more?

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