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What is Search Engine Optimization (SEO)?

SEO is a group of approaches and techniques that work according to the search engine policies. It is used to optimize websites and increase the position of the website in SERP (Search Engine Result Page). Every website should follow the guidelines to stay in the results pages of the search engine. Achieving a top result attracts more visitors to website.  If a website does not follow search engine guidelines, the website will be penalized which means it will be removed from the search engine data base or the ranking of the website will be downgraded in SERP.

In SEO, search engine view and visitor view both should be taken into consideration. The website should provide high quality, informative content to it’s’ visitors.  Content plays an important role in SEO and search engines give top priority to high quality content and also for ranking the website in top positions in SERP.

Why Use SEO for Web Marketing?

  • To boost the ranking of the website in SERP
  • To increase the traffic to the website
  • To boost sales and profit
  • To find your traditional business online
  • To optimize your website for search engines.
  • To make your website user friendly.
  • High search engine rankings mean more traffic to your site.
  • To target a specific category, customer or country for your website

What we do in SEO?

SEO Website Marketing - EMySystems Nigeria

SEO Website Marketing – E-MySystems ICT Solution

Website Analysis

In website analysis, we fetch some basic information about the website and check if it is meeting search engine guidelines (i.e. Google Webmaster Guidelines). In website analysis we check Page Indexing, Heading and Image tags, Back links, Website Robots and Sitemap file availability, Broken Links, Meta tags of website, URL Structure etc., and make changes on website to satisfy the guidelines check point.

Research and Development

Some changes are executed on the basis of the website analysis report. New elements are added on the website and if needed, existing elements are altered according to function and need.

Keyword Research

Analyzing which keyword should be targeted on which page to position your website at a higher rank in SERP is one of the most important factors when marketing business website. It is important to analyze which similar keywords websites are using and how much they are spending on relevant keywords.

Building Back links for Website

Back links are like votes that help your site rank higher in SERP. High quality back links help to increase your site ranking n SERP.


Websites should be studied and analyzed at specific time intervals using available tools. Google offers Google Webmaster and Google Analytics reports to analyze your website. These reports are generated for the study of website internal functionality. Better understanding will help in improving your website ranking.

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