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Differences between Domain, Subdomain and URL

Many people are not conversant with these terms domain and URL. Those who are, think these words are synonyms. Domain and URL are not synonyms. They are different terminologies often misused. It is important you understand this if you purchased a domain or want to buy one. Have you ever tried to understand your domain or any other? You might be wondering what the domain is like, but today I am going to give you a brief overview

The difference between domains and URLs

Consider the domain as a web address, for example, Facebook’s domain “” and our domain is “”. These addresses are like your home address where anyone looking for you or a guest staying at your home can easily be located for a visit or a piece of information sent can get to you.
In the same way, no one can access or get you or your website, unless they know the domain of your website. It is the address of your website people quickly use to reach by typing in the address bar of a web browser.

The domain can be divided into two or three parts –

1. TLD / Top Level Domain – This is the word that follows after the dot.
.com, .net, .org, .in etc.

2. SLD / Second Level Domain / 2LD- This is the word before the dot. Like Facebook in,, etc.

3. Sub-Domain – This is the word that is before the second level domain. For example PROMO in

Maybe you have a question in mind now that what is the URL? A URL or web address is the full address of a website that includes “HTTP: //” and “www.” Like – “” According to the new web rules, it is no longer necessary to have a www in any URL.

Examples –
1. URL –
2. Domain –

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