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WhatsApp planning ‘payment’ feature which will make your messages very profitable

Your WhatsApp messages could soon become a nice little money spinner.

The messaging app is planning to roll out a payments feature which means you’ll be able to send money quickly and easily. A test of payments is currently underway in India, where users can connect WhatsApp to their bank accounts to make payments without revealing their bank details. The website WABetaInfo said clues inside the latest version of the WhatsApp software suggested payments are coming to the US – which means a global rollout will not be far behind.

Mark Zuckerberg also confirmed plans in a post on his Facebook page. ‘We’ll roll out payments on WhatsApp in some more countries,’ he wrote. The feature is obviously handy for anyone running a business, but it will probably be very useful for drug dealers or sex workers or anyone who likes taking subtle payments.

Last week, it was claimed that a bug could see old WhatsApp messages resurrected to wreak havoc in your life. WhatsApp has a neat feature which lets you expunge old messages called ‘delete for everyone’. As well as getting rid of the offending texts from your device, it also removes them from the recipient’s phone and tells them ‘this message was deleted’. The alleged glitch could cause major embarrassment or even prompt unhappy memories to bubble up to the top of your mind again Now it’s emerged there’s a way of getting some of these messages back.

The app backs up messages in the night whilst you’re asleep, keeping a record hidden on the phone. This means that if you or a friend deletes a message, all you need to do is ‘restore’ the backup and the expunged missives will spring back to life. It’s been claimed there’s an easy way of launching this process.

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